An Enterprise Business System, when implemented in a timely manner to accommodate business processes, delivers the following short-term and long-term benefits:

  1. Streamline operation by reducing: a) Transaction cost and processing time of order entry, order fulfillment, invoicing, procurement, and other processes. b) Cost calculation processing time. c) Monthly Closing Time. The system saves time and effort by finishing the jobs faster, therefore increasing productivity and minimising loss of opportunity. Other advantages gained include earlier end-of-period closing , timely reports for both local units and the head office, and quick tracking of transaction status.
  2. Provide tools to enhance control. The system provides features like electronic approval and security settings that prevents users from overstepping their authorisations, at the same time giving authorised users discretionary measures to deal with exceptional cases which ultimately will be reported in the exception logs.
  3. Real-time and easy to access decision support information help organisations improve sales and services. All critical information that is needed to run the enterprise is available at right place and at the right time, providing business decision makers with the tools to exercise considerable advantage over the competition.