Systemizing business processes to a manual business system could provide clear coverage of each process, but if we leverage the system into an IT-based Enterprise Business System software, we obtain the following extra benefits:

  1. Control with less resources Spend less time and work to obtain critical information for your business. For example, you no longer need an army of accounts receivable clerks that works overtime to produce the much-needed outstanding invoices report - it's now just a click away from your workstation.
  2. Faster transition period when there is a change of persons in charge of the process. The system now drives the process, so you are less dependent on particular persons to do the job. A new officer simply needs to follow the prescribed steps in the system and do the job immediately, saving valuable time in training and loss of productivity.
  3. Help organization to easily replicate the system to other sites for business coverage expansion. The system acts as a template that is capable of being replicated to branch offices and subsidiaries, making the new sites get productive and more manageable in less time.